The Big Reunion aka My Guilty Pleasure

THE BIG REUNIONGrowing up I have always been massively into my pop music. I remember every Sunday religiously listening to The UK Top 40 on Radio 1 to see who was in Number 1 that week and watching Top of The Pops every Thursday night to watch my idols on stage.
Everything about the music industry has changed over time but we all still love a boyband or girlgroup.

Thanks to programmes like X Factor and Pop Idol everyone growing up wants to be and now possible has the chance to be  a pop star, we all think it’s a glamorous lifestyle and you get to hang out with other celebrities and get to have your hair done and wear all new clothes, you also get to travel the world and see different countries.
The reality of what life is really like when you’re young, rich and famous has been shown on ITV2’s “The Big Reunion” every week. Seeing the pressure and the exhaustion each band went through is an eyeopener and I’m sure I’m not the only one who used to think that they were all just best mates having a laugh getting to do what they love…. So many of those band members have paid a price for the fame they once had. It has been so interesting watching the stories unfold each week with the different bands involved in the show, Five, 911, B’Witched and of course we have all seen over the years the ongoing story of Kerry Katona from the original Atomic Kitten line up.

I have to admit I couldn’t have been anymore excited though than for my trip to London to go and see The Big Reunion Live at The Hammersmith Apollo, the first gig for most of these bands for about ten years . I suppose for many of these bands they have seen the success of Take That reforming and see it as a great opportunity to do it all again.

Photo 26-02-2013 22 08 56Photo 26-02-2013 19 19 49 I have been in my element over the last few years, Take That, Spice Girls, Boyzone and ….. have all gone back on the road. And so now it’s time for 911, Liberty X, Honeyz, B*witched, 5ive and Atomic Kitten. Seeing all of them on stage was unbelievable, I think watching them all on The Big Reunion and seeing what issues they have with each other and dealing with fame it was very clear to see how emotional it was for every band to be back on stage performing together again. I thought some of them would have looked uncomfortable or unfit on stage but all the bands looked pretty slick each performing 3 of their biggest hits. I can only hope we will see each and every one of them back in the charts once more!